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Why Choose Express Farm


Are you a Florist, Wedding Planner, Hydrangea Wholesaler or Flower Distributor?


The Best Hydrangeas from the magical land of Colombia.

    "From nature to your hands"                             

We are Express Farm your strategic

partner for the growth of your business.



  • We have high-quality standards that let the
    productive process would be more successful.

  • Legally constituted company that pay all the taxes
    of the country in addition to having whole staff with all the welfare and payment of social benefits.                                                                        

  • ​Express Farm guarantee availability and consistence production, thanks to our 33 hectares to provide our customers the best fresh hydrangeas in the market.          

  • ​We have the best trained and effective employees that add value to our processes                                                       

  • ​Our sales managers team of highly trained always at your disposal. If you have any special requirements or in case you need immediate attention we are online as well.                                                                                               

  • We guarantee our cool chain until the airport.                     

  • ​Availability all year round in the main
    varieties (white, blue, mini )                                                      

  • All dyed colors able, with a special tint that look as natural

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