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Our History


Are you a Florist, Wedding Planner, Hydrangea Wholesaler or Flower Distributor?


The Best Hydrangeas from the magical land of Colombia.

    "From nature to your hands"                             

We are Express Farm your strategic

partner for the growth of your business.


Express Farm - Our History


We are born under the blessing of a magical land, as is Colombia. And within the territory of our country in El Carmen de viboral this dream is born, by cultivating our own farms and sharing with the world our love and passion for flowers. As we embark on a journey of discoveries and constant learning that led us to found our company with the support of a great team of professionals and collaborators in the field, with the only mission of making known the special and particular hydrangeas, cultivated in these lands , and they are already famous in the world.

We have 33 cultivation and a production system that allows us to guarantee the highest quality of our flowers, from planting to delivery at the airport, to all our customers. What has made us in time a solid company and with projection of growth at a global level, being able to offer fresh flowers 365 days a year, and with the ability to cover any special requirement, wholesale and in detail.

In Express Farm we have developed the maxim that "What we grow with love, blooms with love." And we believe that this is the best way to do things, living passionate about the work that is done.

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